10 Tips to Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem

how to raise your child's self esteem

Being a kid in this modern world can be tough and challenging. As parents, we can’t always control what happens but we can help our kids learn to navigate through these tough times in their lives by boosting their self-esteem and confidence

Here are tips on how to raise a confident child to not only survive but thrive: 


This seems obvious, but it’s the most important thing that we can give our kids. They need to feel accepted and loved to build a strong foundation for confidence. 


Your child needs to focus on realistic goals that he can achieve. Guide your child to set reasonable goals to help avoid feelings of failure. If the goal is a stretch, discuss some reachable short-term steps along the path.


No one succeeds at everything. There will be setbacks and failures so help them learn that setbacks are a normal part of life. When they succeed, they will take pride in their accomplishments. 


Set up situations where they can do things for themselves. Encourage exploration, whether it’s a trip to a new park or new food at meal times. 


Everyone needs encouragement. This does not only keep your child feel positive and motivated but it also gives him an inner voice that will help him to encourage himself for the rest of his life. 


Whatever you model, your child will learn. Positive self talk has been shown to improve our ability to master difficult tasks. 


It’s okay for children to get frustrated and disappointed . Your child may cry all day, but your unconditional understanding will help them grieve and your empathy will be a critical factor in overcoming it. 


Kids can learn to practice, improve, and achieve goals through sports. They also learn to recognize their strengths, accept or strengthen their weaknesses, handle defeat, and learn teamwork. 


Children are more confident when they know who is in charge and what to expect. Learning and following rules give children a sense of security and confidence. 


Confidence in relationships is the key to your child’s confidence. The important initial relationship is between you and your child. But as your child’s social circle expands, help them to see how his actions affect other people and help her maintain their confidence when someone else’s actions affect them. 

Childhood is often filled with laughter and fun, but there will be hardships too. With our love, support, and encouragement we can help our kids weather the storms of life and create happy memories.

Ways to Build Confidence in Toddlers

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