10 Ways to Motivate your Child to Read

“The MORE that you READ, the MORE things you will KNOW.
The MORE that you LEARN, the MORE places you will GO”

Dr. Seuss

Books, like plane tickets can take you anywhere. From the comfort of your living room couch, you can travel through time and space, to different countries and even around the universe.
Setting a reading goal for your kids- whether it’s a hundred books a year or ten- works to motivate your child to read more.

So if you are hoping to kick-start a reading habit for you and your kids, or simply looking for an excuse to buy more books, here are guaranteed tips to help kids read more.

Schedule Reading Time Carve time out of your busy day and dedicate it to reading. Make reading part of your child’s routine to help them start reading more books, more regularly.

Buddy Reading
All it takes is having two persons reading the same book so have your child ask a friend, or make it a parent-child activity.

Book Choices
Reading should be a choice not a chore, so let your child’s interest guide his reading choices.

Cut off All Distractions
Turn off screens and cell phones before they start to read a book to ensure complete focus and attention.

Stash Books All Over
Surround your kids with reading materials that will promote their reading habits.

Read All Kinds of Books
Make reading an essential part of your children’s lives. Let them read menus, movie name, game guides, roadside signs,and even weather reports.

Choose Age Appropriate Books
Help your kids choose age-appropriate books on topics that interest them to spark a passion for reading.

Encourage Reading Everywhere
Instead of pulling gadgets during spare time, keep a book on you at all times so your kid can read while waiting in line or while stuck in traffic.

Visit your Local Library
Libraries are filled with adventure and wonder for kids. Make going to the libraries a part of their weekly routine to encourage more reading and exploration.

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