8 Fun Activities that Children Do During Rainy Season

Each day of our lives, we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

-Charles R. Swindoll

When your kids are feeling all gloomy because of the rainy weather, lift their spirits up and engage in fun activities indoor that will have everyone enjoying their time even when stuck within the walls of your home. There are many great activities that you can do with your kids indoors if you only think about it. And you won’t have to spend a single cent, too.

But don’t stress yourself thinking about it because we have complied some of the best rainy day activities for kids that parents swear by.

Movie Day
This one is a classic. But since kids can easily get bored with a movie or two, try to add flair to your movie day. Let your kids, especially the younger ones, experience what it’s really like to watch in cinemas. Place a couple of movie titles outside the TV room and let your kids choose what to watch. Close the curtains and dim the lights. Set up a popcorn, candy, and drinks counter where kids can order what they like. Then arrange the family room for some comfortable movie watching. After the movie, turn on the lights and talk about what you just watch.

Board Games
This is another classic. Board games are a hit with families, as long as you play one that is age-appropriate. Monopoly and Twister are just two of the most popular ones that even your youngest children can play and enjoy. Push your furniture to the sides and lounge on the floor to complete your board game day.

Hide and Seek
You hide and let the children find you. Then, turn the roles around and you seek them out. It’s good old fun that everyone will enjoy. Just make sure you set rules, like off limits places that kids should not hide in to prevent accidents and such. When everyone is exhausted, snack on some of your favorite food together.

Blanket Fort Building
There is something about blanket forts that captures every child’s attention. It even brings back your fondest childhood memories. So, help your children set one up and let their imaginations run wild. Or bring out books that they can read inside their little forts for some relaxing quiet time.

Arts and Crafts
Some paper, pencils and crayons can do so much and entertain kids for hours. Or if you are feeling a little crafty, create some DIY projects, like making puppets out of old socks. Your kids can display their art and play with their creations when they are done.

Make and Bake, or Cook
Rainy days are perfect for chocolate chip cookies and cup of warm chocolate. But this is even better when you and your children baked the treats yourselves. Or you can keep warm with some soup that your kids helped you cooked.

Dance the Latest Craze
If your kids are full of energy, help them release it by learning the steps to the latest dance craze. Bring fun more and laughter to the whole family by joining in, especially when you have two left foot.

Read Books
Whether it’s a fairy tale or a short story, your kids will love it when you read to them. Bring out the emotions in the book and change your voice during conversations to really get the little ones into the story. When it’s done, ask them about their thoughts and start a meaningful conversation.

When rain is forecasted, your kids might feel down and restless. After all, they can’t go outside and play when it is raining, and it can be quite boring indoors. But there are things to do on a rainy day at home that your kids will surely enjoy. And they might forget the outdoors for a while.

You get to spend quality time with the whole family, your kids are happy and you make memories that your children will enjoy looking back at. It is truly a great way to spend a rainy day.

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