Fun Ideas to Track your Kid’s Reading Adventures

Starting book logs or journals help your early readers develop a love for reading and what better way to encourage them than by creating chic and fun book logs that will surely make reading fun and memorable.

Book Logs do not have to be dry and boring. Liven it up with colors and pretty pictures. Check out my top 3 book trackers that you and your kids can do together.

1. Read to 100 Challenge Looking for a fun way to encourage your child to pick up a new book? Turn the act of reading into an exciting game using this beautifully designed book log from The Crafty Classroom. It encourages kids to read dozens of books to complete the challenge. Simply print the page, write the title of the book or color each picture for every book read and completed.

2. Reading Bookworm
They’re not called bookworms for nothing. This craft is a great way to reinforce beginner readers. Increase the challenge by giving each kid their own worm and see who will have the longest. Create your own buddy worm through the detailed step by step instructions below.

3. Reading Bingo
Ignite your kids’ imagination by creating reading challenges that they will surely love. I especially like the 25 Day Reading Challenge by Natural Beach Living with its pop of colors and design. From reading under covers to reading to your pet, your little bookworm is sure to fill up the colorful board in no time while boosting his reading skills and love for books.

Inspire your kids’ love for books by making reading a fun and enjoyable adventure to connect and laugh together.

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