Fun Quarantine Activities for the Family


“Family time is the best time.”

Carmelo Anthony

Planning & Preparing Weekly Meals

At any other point, planning the week’s meals would not be the most interesting activity in the world. However, the current lockdown might just be the perfect excuse to do so.

Now, this is best done in a manner that takes everyone’s preferences and favorite dishes into consideration. Think of it as a way of assigning days or times of the day for specific members.

The activity can quickly devolve into debates, friendly arguments, and lots of discussions about which food items deserve to be on the slot.

Figuring out a way to balance healthy entries by putting them against suggestions that are not the best options would make for a lively time, as well. 

Fun Drink Ideas & Games

Beverages of any kind can be mixed, matched, and smashed together to create any kind of concoction that the family can appreciate.

Coming up with ways to do this that will then produce delicious results is a great way to have fun while indoors.

Of course, it makes more sense to do this if you already have access to the beverages that you want to mix. As such, stocking up on those would certainly be a good idea.

From there, you can create both alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids to sate your thirst, have a great time, and spend special moments with the family. 

Trivia Games

Trivia games might be old fashioned, but they can come in many forms. They can be conducted in the form of charades, in group matches, or even as card games.

The only thing preventing such activity from being fun is monotony and predictability. As long as it is a surprise and holds a lot of excitement, it is still worth doing.

If you can create all of the props and the pieces yourself, you would have another activity that you can enjoy to your hearts’ content. 

Making Forts

If it’s you and your young children stuck in the house, making the most elaborate, the most winding, and the most awesome forts would be worth doing.

Not only will it be an activity that your kids will absolutely love, but it can also be a great way to preoccupy yourselves while you wait out the storm.

Forts also have a way of making people feel safe, so go ahead and see what you can gain from the experience. At the very least, your children will be pleased to do something that they will actually be interested in.

Making a Tree House

If you have access to a tree in your yard or in close proximity to your home, it might be worth it to build a treehouse. This might be something that you have always wanted to do and it can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be. 

If nothing else, it can keep you and your family occupied, with your child having a major role to play if you give him one.

Building a treehouse also does not have to be that difficult if you are all putting in the time and effort to do so. The design can even be unique and suit your taste in the manner you want. 

Wood Carving

One of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies around is woodworking, but since building tables and chairs might be beyond some members of your family, wood carving will do.

Taking chunks of wood and then shaping them into animals, landscapes, or even people can be quite an enjoyable way to pass the time while indoors.

From there, you can then move on to coloring them so that you can display them on a cabinet or sell them on social media.

If you are talented enough, it is even possible to make money out of the pieces that you make. 

This would then be a source of income while you are cooped up indoors and have no access to your usual moneymaking jobs.

Adding a little sense of competition could also work, but only if there are no hypercompetitive members in your family. 


Similar to woodcarving, painting is one way to pass the time during the quarantine and it can also be a good source of expressing feelings for you and your family.

Doing this will give you some idea as to the state of your children’s emotions and mindsets. If you have teens, be prepared to deal with more than a little angst in painted form.

In any case, this will be a more productive method of distracting you and your loved ones from the stress that comes with being confined in the same space for extended periods.

Painting has also been observed to relax those who are undergoing unpleasant conditions since it gives people an outlet to express themselves other than words. 


One of the greatest traditions of humankind, storytelling is basically the most popular method of entertainment for thousands of years.

It has died off somewhat since modern technology expanded the options of staying distracted, but it’s worth trying to revive it.

A few times a week, you and your family could take turns telling stories that they found, read, or heard about.

These can be of any themes that you agreed upon and there will be rules if you are up to it. The great thing about this activity is that it can involve everyone’s undivided attention, which is an excellent tool for improving familial bonds.

Backyard BBQ

Finally, there is a backyard barbecue where your entire family can spend one night out in the backyard, cooking up delicious food and looking up at the stars.

This accomplishes several things, one of which is family bonding time. Everyone has a role to play to pull off a magnificent feast.

It also gives you and your family an excuse to indulge in food that will make you all happy. However, it also gives you an excuse to be outside.

Being able to see the sky and breathe outside air is best done when you have a purpose for doing it. It’s not like you can take a stroll right now. So, why not?

All of these activities and more can help alleviate the stress and frustrations that might be building up in your family. They are fun, engaging, and in some cases, delicious.

These activities can help your children be more engaged with their surroundings and what they can contribute.

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