How can Kids Help Prevent Global Warming?

“When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves.”

– David Orr

We’d all like to live a little greener and while it may seem challenging to directly affect global warming as an individual or family, one of the best ways to ensure that our kids will have a healthy place to live in is to gear them up to be involved in saving the planet. So what is global warming and how can kids help prevent global warming?

According to Earth Observatory, global warming has increased in vast increments in the last decade and this can cause a whole chain of events that are proven harmful to us such as climate change and extinction of plants and animals.

With these problems getting more real and their severity being felt day after day, we can’t help but seek ways to take care of the environment since we all play a part in our future. And we can let our children get involved. Simply by letting them understand what causes this phenomenon can be the first step in aiding our children’s cause and this will help create an awareness about it and an appreciation for preserving our resources.

What is Global Warming?

According to Live Science, global warming is the rise in temperature of both our lands and oceans. Our planet’s temperature has been recorded since the 1800s and everything from then is significantly warmer now with the numbers are still increasing. In simpler terms, the Earth is heating up. On an average, there has been an increase of 1.71 degrees Fahrenheit on surface temperature up to 2016. This may be a small number for some, but with the rate that it is increasing, it won’t be long before we feel its devastating impact.What are the causes of global warming?

What are the Causes of Global Warming?

  1. Greenhouse Gases – this trap heat radiating from the Earth to space, which then warms the lower atmosphere and the surface.
  2. Deforestation – this act affects global warming through chemical and physical ways, contributing to the changes in temperature.
  3. Man-made Pollutants – aerosols and soot are just some of these. They scatter and absorb solar radiation causing significant increase in temperature.

What are the Effects of Global Warming?

  1. Increase in sea levels from the melting of glaciers and ice sheets in the Antarctic
  2. Increases in warm spells and heat waves, as well as increasing frequency of droughts, or, generally, climate change
  3. Threats to ecosystems, leading to extinction of species of plants and animals
  4. Negative crop production
  5. Impacts on health

Many global and local organizations are now committing to develop strategies to stall this distressing phenomenon. And we all need to get involved.

Geologist Edmond Mathez says there is no single solution to the problem with global warming. But there are a number of ways, big or small, that can help prevent our planet from continuously heating up and avoid the serious consequences of global warming.

There are plenty of ways kids can take action to fight climate change. And the earlier good habits are ingrained, the easier it is to incorporate them in our daily lives.

Respect and thank Mother Nature

We reap so many things from our planet. And the least we can do is respect her and give thanks. And teach your children to show their gratefulness through the following acts:

  • Tell your kids to stop littering and to throw garbage properly, as well as segregate them appropriately. It is also easy to pick up trash when they see one.
  • Let your children know that picking flowers and cutting plants unnecessarily is bad for the environment. Instead, they need to water and take care of them. You can even help them start a garden.
  • Teach them to be kind to animals. If you have a pet, help them take care of their furry pals. And work together to keep the surroundings safe for wild animals, too.
  • Don’t let them waste water and food. Something as simple as not letting the water run when brushing their teeth has a big impact to the environment.

Help Save our Natural Resources

The Earth’s natural resources are being depleted at a fast rate. When this continues, we might run out of energy sooner than we think. Let us help our children conserve energy in these ways:

  • Save electricity. Let your kids remember to turn off the lights, television and other devices when not in use. Let them know they can always ask Mom and Dad to unplug appliances, too.
  • Teach them to use the heater and air conditioner only when necessary. It is okay to open the windows if it gets a little hot. Or when they are a bit cold, they can just put on a sweater and socks and snuggle up under a blanket.
  • Help them save water. Keeping bath time short is an easy way of doing this. And tell the little ones to report a leaky faucet when they see one.
  • Let your kids tell their friends to conserve energy, too.

Slow Down Climate Change

Climate change causes intense drought, strong storms and other extreme conditions that can destroy animal’s habitats and directly harm all living creatures. But while climate change can be a complex subject for kids, they can still do a lot of simple things to help slow it down and prevent the negative effects.

  • Help your children plant more trees. You can start a garden and let them help you grow your own produce, too.
  • Enjoy more walks with your children. Let them know that driving cars speeds up climate change. They can then suggest walking when you need to go somewhere near.
  • Unplug appliances that are not in use. It’s difficult not to fall into the habit of leaving something permanently on charge or standby with all the electronic gadgets that we use around our house. However, this is actually bad for the devices and you end up wasting energy needlessly.

Learn More about Global Warming

Learning about the worldwide phenomenon called global warming will help children better understand and learn more about different ways of saving the planet from the effects of it. This kind of knowledge will help children become responsible citizens who are able to make sound decisions when it comes to the environment.

And with the best education, who knows? Your children can be the next scientists or inventors who will discover the most effective solution to this problem.

  • Read books
  • Watch educational TV shows and documentaries
  • Go on educational tours

Thankfully, with fun and attractive books, learning about these environmental issues has never been easier.

Picture books are great for teaching young children to easily understand what is going on with the Earth. You won’t need to lecture your children about this global issue and they will not have a hard time understanding your explanations, too.

Ayden the Astronaut is the second book in the Past, Present, and Future Series which I have written to inspire kids to appreciate our planet more. It helps empower kids to understand not only what climate change is all about – but also the danger of taking Earth for granted

Many people are struggling to stop the effects that exploitation and other human action has done to our planet. But if we all work together, our actions will have an impact. Along with our children, we can make the world a better place for them and for future generations, one small step at a time. After all, our planet is not just our responsibility, but also our children’s. And they will be the ones enjoying the outcome of the things we do today.

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