How can Kids Take Care of the Earth? Here are 6 Easy Ways

When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves.

David Orr

Small things make a big difference and children can do so much, even in their own little ways. These small acts can build up and create something significant for our planet. And kids are never too young to be taught that the world they live in also needs to be taken care of and protected. So how can kids take care of the Earth?

Here are 9 simple ways that are easy enough for little tykes to do but will impact the world in a big, positive way significant for our planet.

Let your child choose toys that use recycled materials.
Toys unnecessarily use plastic, paper and other materials, whether in the toys themselves or in their packaging. And this does not help our planet. In fact, these toys are major contributors to pollution and climate change. In teaching your child to choose environment-friendly toys, they reduce this kind of impact on the planet, which gives them a better future.

Let your child have a reusable water bottle and let him know why.
One fact about plastic water bottles is that 2/3 of these things are not recycled. And sometimes, they end up in our bodies of water where they kill innocent animals. And if these bottles are burned, dangerous toxic fumes are released into the air we breathe. This is never good. So, when you and your child utilize a reusable water bottle during outings and other activities, you reduce the effects that plastic does to our planet.

Give your child the task of reminding you to use reusable bags when shopping.
Asking your child for help will boost his feelings of self-worth. And when he succeeds in reminding you about your reusable bags, his self-confidence will also improve. Aside from decreasing your impact on the environment, by lessening the number of plastic bags you use, you also help your child develop himself.

Teach children to point out devices that are not in use but are still plugged to electricity.
Unfortunately, even when these appliances or gadgets are turned off, they still waste energy when they are plugged in. And while we can always unplug these things, sometimes, we tend to be forgetful. This is when our children can help us. Teach them about saving electricity and to point out things that waste it. They can even go on rounds before they go to bed. Just make sure you teach them not to do it themselves and let the grown-ups handle it raving about the good job they did.

Let your children save money for a good cause.
There are many organizations that are raising money for environmental campaigns. And your child can be a part of it. By saving a little bit of his allowance or doing chores for it, no matter what amount he can come up with, he will be able to help in a big way.

Let Everyday be Earth Day.
Encourage your kids to spend time outside every day to experience nature. Kids will better understand the relationships they see in nature if they see it up close so create activities that will help them get connected to the environment like growing a garden or planting trees and getting the whole family involved.

Earth is an amazing place, especially for children who enjoy learning about its wonders. Another simple yet very powerful approach to bring kids the awareness they need to take care of the environment is through reading books.

Ayden the Astronaut is the second book in the Past, Present and Future Series which I have written to inspire kids to appreciate our planet’s natural beauty. It brings adventure, care, love and friendship together in a beautifully illustrated book that teaches kids the danger of taking Earth for granted and how one small courageous act can make a huge difference.

Teaching our kids to take care of the environment is one of the best things we can do for them. When kids do these things and are aware of the impact they have on the planet they live in, they will feel good about themselves and become motivated to do more. These are not only great ways to help kids live a sustainable life, but these will also form habits that last a lifetime.

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