Helping your Kids Overcome Shyness

Having a shy toddler can be tough at times but childhood shyness is a common place. In fact, each one of us felt uncomfortable and anxious once or twice in our  lives. It’s just that some kids deal with it better than others. But being shy isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it’s definitely okay if your tot is a little timid. 

Here are some tips on how to make a shy child more confident and bring him out of his shell: 

Set a Good Example. Parents are the ultimate role models. Your child learns how to act in large part by watching you. So be sure to act friendly toward others in front of your child. 

Listen More. Allow your child to speak and express their thoughts around you. Learning to listen with empathy will make your child open up more. 

Understand their Personality. Create a relationship with the child by understanding his thoughts, fears and other emotions. Help him open up so he  can explore his actions freely in daily situations. 

Seek Out Child Friendly Activities. Search for activities that can give your child a chance to socialize with other people. Use his interest to build relationships and engage with others. 

Practice their Social Skills. Understand that some children simply need more time to observe the situation at their own pace, instead try to provide them with plenty of opportunities to learn and practice their social skills

Set Achievable Goals. Nudge your child out of their comfort zones and tell him that shyness can be overcome one small step at a time. Try to set goals that will be a challenge but something that they can manage like greeting a neighbor or answering the phone. 

Praise Brave Behavior. Boost his confidence by recognizing and praising small leaps of achievements like greeting a stranger or making new friends. Reward him for trying as much you reward him for succeeding.

Share your own Shyness. Let your child know that everyone feel shy from time to time. Tell them about times in your life that you were shy too and how you handled it to make him feel that he is not alone in his shyness. 

Watch out for Labels. Shy behavior should not define the child.  Don’t label your child as shy or let others label him. Instead, recognize and value his personality, strengths, feelings, and interests.

Avoid Comparison. Sometimes in our efforts to inspire kids we use friends or siblings as role models, however, Comparing your child’s progress to a sibling or friend discourages him from stepping up rather than encourage him. 

As your children grow up, you would want them to be able to grow into their own skin and explore the world around them comfortably so they can become well-rounded individuals. Bear in mind though that every child is unique and understanding their personality is the only key to help you know them better and build stronger bonds. So go ahead and explore their strengths, passion, and abilities to boost their self esteem and confidence.

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