What Is Deforestation For Kids: Information And Facts


“Today’s seeds are tomorrow’s trees.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

As one of the world’s most pressing issues, teaching kids what is deforestation is an important step in allowing them to have a bigger impact when they take action.

You can start by giving your child the right facts about deforestation that he will actually be able to do something about, which will encourage him to do what he can. 

Teaching Kids About Deforestation

The matter of imparting the importance of knowing about deforestation to kids can be a delicate process simply because of how closely it can hit home.

Children are naturally predisposed to love trees and their environment, especially if they grew around them. However, the concept of all trees disappearing can be vague and alien.

What you will want to do when teaching your child about deforestation, therefore, is to make it familiar and easy to digest.

This goes for the facts that you are going to present and the potential repercussions that it can have on his life.

Why Teaching About Deforestation Matters

The importance of making sure that your child understands the cause, effects, and solutions regarding deforestation is all about empowerment.

It just so happens that the loss of acres of trees is one of the rare global issues that can actually be remedied with a little willingness and cooperation.

By imparting the lessons to your child about why trees are essential and what he can do to prevent the devastation of forests, he will be more aware of his actions and their potential impact. 

Facts About Deforestation to Teach Kids

There are a lot of facts about deforestation that are actually relevant to the topic, but not all of them will be pertinent to share with children.

In fact, there are some facts about this global crisis that are better off saved for when your child is a little older.

For now, you can stick with the information that are appropriate to be shared with your child, which will prepare him and empower him to act. These facts include:

What Is Deforestation

The first place to start when trying to teach your child about deforestation is what it actually means.

The best way to do so is the straightforward approach, which is to say that forests, jungles, and other places with lots of trees are disappearing. 

It would also help to have props when you are doing this kind of thing by using books like Ayden The Astronaut. It will help teach your child about appreciating his environment.

Once your child has an adequate understanding of what deforestation is all about, it will make the rest of the lessons much easier for him to appreciate.

Why Trees are important 

The importance of trees should be emphasized with your child in the right way so that he is better able to digest the implications of their devastation.

You can start by appealing to his sense of wonder by showing him various types of trees in different parts of the world.

You can then explain why they look so different and what their various roles are in their respective ecosystem.

After that, you can tell him the consequences of their disappearance both to the local environment and the rest of the planet.

How Deforestation affects everyone

Just to impress upon your child just how widespread deforestation can be, you need to show him how it can affect everyone.

There are tons of animated videos, picture books, and even stories that tell how the loss of forests and trees, in general, can impact entire communities.

By humanizing the consequences of deforestation and slowly expanding its effects from small areas to the entire world, it is easier for him to imagine just awful the crisis can be.

How to help reduce the damage

With the basic details squared out, you can then move on to discussing the various ways in which your child can help reduce the damage of deforestation.

You can start by planting just one tree, either outside in a nearby forest or in your back yard. After that, you can start expanding.

There are bound to be some local groups that go on excursions where they plant trees in designated areas.

Whenever you have the time, you and your child or even the whole family can participate. He can then feel like he is making a difference one tree at a time.

Even with all of this, however, there are still a lot of things that can be done to help your kids become more familiar with the dangers of deforestation, as well as other environmental issues.

We need to guide them and work with them so in our little ways, we can start protecting the world we live in.

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